Price Comparison Plugin for Wordpress

Display price comparison tables on any post or page.

Create Beautiful Price Comparison Tables

Generate beautiful price comparison tables via the table design options or custom css.

Table Design 1 Table Design 2 Table Design 3 Table Design 4 Table Design 5

Instantly Import Products From Hundreds Of Retailers Around The Web

Don't let visitors leave your site to search for better prices. Increase your site's conversions by using the Price Comparison Manager Plugin to display real time prices from all over the web.

Integrates With Affiliate Programs

Instantly add products with affiliate links to your tables from Amazon, Commission Junction, Shareasale, Ebay and more.

Automatic Price Refresh

Our plugin automatically queries each connected affiliate network's API for the latest price.

Link Localization

Automatically localize Amazon affiliate links.

Reports Dashboard

Displays an overview of your Price Comparison Units (PCU) performance.

Table Design

Customize how your price comparison tables look via the plugin settings.

Mobile Responsive

Automatically adjusts to available screen area on any device.

Patrick C.

This plugin save a lot of my time. Effective and efficient, that’s the product I’m looking for!

- Patrick C., Amazon Affiliate Site Owner
Ronan L.

I love this plugin, i have been able to make few thousands dollars with it in the last 18 months. I still use it today, It is a great CTA that converts visitors into buyers.

- Ronan L., Amazon Affiliate Site Owner

Integrates With 7 Major Affiliate Networks

Instantly populate your comparison tables and display real time prices with your affiliate links attached.

Amazon Associates Linkshare Affiliates Commission Junction Shareasale Zanox Tradedoubler eBay

Increase Your Affiliate Commissions Right Now

Setup only takes a few minutes. What are you waiting for?

Get PCM Now

Increase Your Conversions

These days it is not enough to display only one price for one merchant on your sites. People want to know that they are getting the best price.

If you can display real time prices from all over the web on your site then people are more likely to stick around and actually end up purchasing through one of your links.

How it Works

Step 1: Sign up for Affiliate Programs

Step 2: Install PCM with a few clicks

Step 3: Create a new PCU and search for your product

Step 4: Select from hundreds of retailers and add to your table

Step 5: Paste shortcode into your post or page where you want the table to show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about Price Comparison Manager? See the FAQs below or you can contact us directly.

Who should use Price Comparison Manager?

If you are an affiliate of one or more of the big affiliate networks, then you should use our plugin.

What is required to use Price Comparison Manager?

You will need at least Wordpress 3.8 and PHP 5.4.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do. If you are interested in joining our affiliate program, please visit our Affiliates page.